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We founded Clariti Diagnostics to provide the most comprehensive hereditary cancer testing services with fastest turnaround time in the industry.

As scientists with strong backgrounds in genomics and clinical diagnosis, we believe in offering the most comprehensive hereditary cancer testing services with minimum wait for patients.

We have a strong commitment to patients’ health and we focus on providing high-quality diagnostics. We are committed to continuously monitoring scientific research and updating our test workflow so you can trust the results you receive will always be based on the latest findings in the medical industry.

Our Background

Before founding Clariti Diagnostics, we spent years setting up diagnostics testing for other organizations. We observed the compromises other labs make when setting up new tests. These compromises diminish the quality of their test results and compromise patient care

With Clariti Diagnostics, physicians and patients can have the best testing available in their fight against cancer. Without compromises.

At the same time, we have family members who suffered the devastating effects of cancer due to poor or delayed diagnosis.

This led us to scour the spectrum of vendors and find the best chemistry, instrumentation, and bioinformatics for our diagnostic testing. We performed an extensive review of the literature and the testing industry to compile the most up-to-date and relevant genes and panels for our hereditary cancer testing.

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