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We empower physicians and genetic counselors with genomic insights that reflect the most recent research on hereditary cancer testing.

As a physician, you continually seek to enhance the care you provide to your patients. We offer simplified hereditary cancer testing that is better and faster. So there is no hassle for you. We’re able to do this because we are an efficient, local lab focused on meeting your needs with no extra effort from you.

Our panels are years ahead of other competitors who only modify their panel contents rarely.

Complete range of panels

Cutting-edge testing, backed by the latest research

At Clariti, we have designed panels based on scientific literature and clinical guidelines. Our panels address cancer inherited risk factors. So you can select the right panel for patient testing.

Clariti test panels

Results, 2x faster

7-10 business days

For cancer patients, every second counts. Unlike other diagnostics companies, our testing does not take 20-30 days. Cut your wait by using our services. Our efficient workflow produces accurate results without unnecessary delays.

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Clinically Actionable Reports

Clear, concise results

Our reports are clear and ready for you to easily integrate the findings into your patient’s treatment plan. Contact our trained genetic scientists with questions or follow-up testing needs.

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Affordable Variant Testing

Help patients’ families proactively understand their cancer risks

Beyond better testing for your current patients, we also offer cost-effective variant testing to family members of your patients with flexible payment options. Proactively address cancer risks for their whole family.

Genetic Counselling

Support for physician and patient

Genetic counselling service is available for patients, upon request. Technical support and guidance for physician is only a phone call away.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Superior chemistry and sophisticated bioinformatics

We custom designed our laboratory workflow to provide the pinnacle of quality and accurate testing. We use hybrid capture chemistry, instrumentation from industry leader, Illumina, and bioinformatics solutions from Sophia Genetics, Inc. so our results can be trusted to provide the accurate and wide coverage of cancer genes.

Additional benefits for your patients

Patients’ health is paramount

We offer flexible options for deductibles and out of pocket expenses, affordable solutions for variant testing of family members, and access to genetic consultation to help patients understand test results.

Be part of an elite group of medical industry leaders. Differentiate your practice and offer hereditary cancer testing to qualified patients.

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