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Our Process

We keep our testing process simple, easy, and straightforward for physicians and patients.

Dealing with cancer is complex and difficult enough—there’s no reason the process of specimen collection and test reporting should add to this. That’s why we require a non-invasive saliva sample and provide the fastest turn-around time. We call it “no-hassle” testing.

5 Simple Steps to Faster, More Comprehensive Test Results


Upon registration on, physician receives a welcome package with saliva collection kit.

Sample Collection

The patient spits in the tube and adds the preservative solution, provided with the tube.


The collection tube is labelled and shipped in the pre-stamped and labelled envelope.


The physician provides patient’s relevant information and medical history through our form or online portal.


Clariti performs testing and delivers the clinical report to the physician so it can be incorporated into the patient’s treatment plan.

Faster Results with Clariti

Physicians can expect to receive results from us in 10 business days—2x faster than other labs.

Clariti provides you with results 2xs faster than other labs by efficiently gathering specimens and reporting.

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